Detectable Reusable Facemask Spacer / Bracket

Detectable Reusable Facemask Spacer / Bracket

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Designed to fit inside a face mask / covering, our face mask brackets provide added comfort by keeping face masks away from the user’s mouth.

Manufactured from Detectamet’s market leading EU & FDA food contact approved metal and X-ray detectable polypropylene, these facemask spacers are lightweight and washable for reuse.

The brackets have small hooks on each side to secure them onto the inside of a surgical-style fabric mask.

  • Metal detectable & X-ray visible
  • Washable for reuse
  • Helps to keep glasses from fogging up
  • Blue only
  • Lightweight 1mm (0.04”) thickness - 7.5g (0.26oz)
  • 105 x 42 x 90 mm (4.1 x 1.6 x 3.5“)