Detectable Mallets

Detectable Plastic Hammer / Mallet incorporating detectable plastic head. The handle is standard plastic. The Hammer / Mallet offers high impact, durability and high abrasive resistance.

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  • Made in the UK to high quality standards
  • Resistant to corrosion and most chemicals
  • Will not fracture, splinter or delaminate
  • Detectamet Detectable Plastic Hammer / Mallet head is fitted to a plastic handle to meet with Food Hygiene Regulations 

25mm diameter Dimensions: Length = 280mm (11") Head = 75mm (3") Long, 25mm (1") Diameter 50mm diameter Dimensions: Length = 300mm (11 3/4") Head = 115mm (4 1/2") Long, 50mm (2") Diameter 80mm diameter Dimensions: Length = 320mm Head = 125mm (5") Long, 80mm Diameter